For decision makers

Key Features/

  • Stay updated on your business by analysing simple-to-understand graphs and tables
  • Generate automated reports whenever you need them
  • Systematic KPIs enable you to continuously improve them from time to time
  • Make better strategic decisions

How BI365 can help your business?

Transform and analyse your business data on the go

BI365 is a business intelligence solution that is designed for property businesses and beyond. It comes with a mobile app called Management App. BI365 delivers insights at anytime and anywhere, from any device. You can assess the BI365 dashboard from:

  • Windows PC or Mac
  • Web Browsers
  • iPhone, iPad or any iOS devices
  • Samsung, HTC, any Android phones or tablets
  • Windows 10 mobile phones and devices

Multiple dashboards and role assignment

BI365 can contain multiple dashboards, where you can assign these dashboards to certain people in your company based on their roles. Within the dashboard, you can view KPI in figures, 2D or 3D charts.

If there’s a very important KPI that you would like to highlight, you can set your own monitoring limit so that it will alert and notify you automatically, even without referring to the dashboard. This interactive and multi-layered analysis solution allows you to drill down, search, sort, filter and activate multiple selection, among others.

Say hello to your e-assistant

BI365 comes with a virtual assistant, where you can ask questions about your business’ KPIs. Following that, you can include or exclude certain parameters, zoom in to the records and data, and so on. BI365 is designed for a company’s management, regardless of the decision makers’ IT prowess.