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Is this your key challenge?

Nurture and retain your human resources – your most valuable asset

Reliable HR system and intelligence – anytime, anywhere

HR365 can help HR managers and professionals with powerful tools including operational core (payroll, attendance, claims and leave), employee self-service solutions and management solutions (recruitment, training, appraisal and benefits). These tools can be integrated with your company’s information to also provide you with, analytical and reporting capabilities to support and enhance your HR programmes.

Key Features/

  • Self-service staff portal
  • Management dashboard

How HR365 can help your business?

Streamline your business processes effectively

With HR365, your company will be able to better standardise policies and guildelines for greater operational efficiencies.

  • Compliance with LHDN, EPF, SOCSO requirements and reporting will reduce workload and avoid mistakes
  • Integration to Time & Attendance system reduces costly mistakes and effort required to process payroll accurately and efficiently
  • Integration to various banks for salary payments reduces effort and costs, and helps avoid costly mistakes
  • Better staff morale reduces the expense of hiring replacements

Manage even when you are on-the-go

HR365 comes with both mobile and web-based self-service tools that reduce HR department’s workload, while improving accuracy. Our user interface is designed and optimised for Smartphone and Tablet Computing, supporting finger (or stylus) gestures as the primary means of control. HR365 will empower you with high mobility in your day-to-day business activities, making real-time communication and data-empowered decisions possible at anytime or anywhere.

Get instant workforce intelligence

What is happening in your business? Why is it happening? How will your actions affect performance? HR365’s comprehensive management dashboard helps deliver insightful, actionable data and analysis. Its flexibility allows multiple reports to be displayed and all information is updated on a real-time basis.

Why choose HR365?

  • Employees can apply for leave and submit claims from anywhere
  • Strategic HR modules such as Recruitment, Appraisal, Training & Development, improves staff morale and lowers turnover and attrition
  • Enterprise wide work flow platform facilitates standardized procedures and policies, and provides alerts and notifications