At A Glance

At A Glance

  • December 2017

    30th Anniversary Gala Dinner

    The grand event was held at JW Marriott, and approximately 400 clients, business associates and colleagues attended! We presented cheques to Kiwanis Job Training Centre (KJTC), National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM) and Beautiful Gate - caps for Long-Service Award There were also awards for Long-Term Business Partnership Award, IFCA Integrated Solutions Award and IFCA Long-Service Award. Click here to view the photos.

  • Official launch of IFCA Accelerator Programme (IAP)

    We launched IAP in Google Singapore. IAP is a collaboration with Google Cloud, and we aim to nurture and develop local prop-tech companies by providing fundraising, business networking and mentorship. If you have a prop-tech start-up, submit your application to or

  • November 2017

    Positive financial results for Q3

    IFCA posted 9M17 net profit of RM5.9mil vs.RM4.4mil loss in 9M16, and has been in the black the previous five quarters. For 3Q17, the revenue was up 11.7% on-quarter.

  • October 2017

    30th Anniversary roadshow

    The 30th Anniversary celebration started with a roadshow – KL, Penang, JB and Kuching. Many keywords were shared - AI, BI, Machine Learning, Data-Driven Marketing, Programmatic Ads, Cloud - and if you are keen on finding out more about them, get in touch with us. Anish Malhotra and Dennis Ser from Google Cloud also spoke at our event.

  • September 2017

    Drive for data-driven marketing continues

    We generated leads that exceeded the projected numbers for a project with balance units in Penang. Previously, we generated more than 4,417 leads within 4.5 months for a project in KL. Get in touch with us if you are interested in a data-driven campaign for your project.

  • May 2017

    IFCA 2.0

    IFCA MSC Berhad embarked on a transformational programme known as IFCA 2.0, which aims to strengthen positive growth rates for the next few years. Find out more about it here.


For hospitality professionals

Are these your current challenges?

  • I want to improve my top- and bottom-line revenue
  • I need to better understand my guests’ needs
  • I must retain my best staff
  • I aim to create a true difference from my competitors

HSP365 will help you drive total revenue performance!

It isn’t just about room rates but total revenue performance

There are interesting times ahead for the hospitality industry, but change and challenges need not be insurmountable obstacles to success and continued profit growth. Based on a strong and integrated foundation, you can make sense of data that will allow you to better serve your guests.

Key Features/

  • 300+ hotels Serving limited and full-service hotels worldwide
  • 50,000 rooms Robust and time-proven
  • 8,000 users Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that support that understands your need is always near

How HSP365 can help your business?

Info on the go - anytime, anywhere

Adopt mobile solutions to empower your team with real-time analytics, reports and company data. With the HSP365 management app, decision makers can track projects’ performance, sales performance by company and project, billing and collection analysis, cashflow analysis, total units booked, cancellation ratio, and many more. You can even configure management dashboards for each key staff so that they can have the answers they need on demand.

Attract, convert and manage

Today, travelers are often directly interacting with third parties such as OTAs, to book, modify and confirm hotel reservations. With HSP365, you can streamline workflow of operations to increase efficiency, reduce costs and engage employees to deliver your brand’s promise to guests.

Manage and retain the best talent

You can have the best strategy and the best building in the world, but if you do not have the hearts of the people who work with you, achieving your business objectives will be a great challenge. Hence, HSP365 can also be integrated with our HR365, where your company will be able to better standardise policies and guidelines for greater operational efficiencies, and inadvertently, drive better morale.

Optimise business performance

Our integrated hotel management solutions cover from front-end operations to back-end financial accounting. The independent modules cater to individuals’ needs, while providing a user-friendly reporting tool.

  • Reservations - A complete and flexible system that supports a central web-based reservations for multi-property owners.
  • Front Desk - It monitors full guest information including reservation history for returning guests.
  • Cashiering - This module integrates all profit centres to enable online verification of guests’ status and credit limit before posting transactions to the guest ledger. It accepts payments in cash, vouchers and credit cards.
  • Rate and yield management - This module allows you to forecast supply and demand and adjust pricing strategy accordingly.
  • Night audit - Night audits can be performed with ease as it allows for a flexible cut-off time to ensure that no down-time (compared to a conventional system). Telephone and POS charges can also be continually posted to guests’ ledgers.
  • Housekeeping - Based on digitised floor plans, you can update rooms’ status online by using colour codes.
  • Sales and marketing - A centralised repository of statistical information is maintained for business performance analysis and planning.
  • Relationship Management - Historical, personal and experiential information is collected to assist in personalising a guest’s stay, while helping to generate incremental revenue opportunities. Based on reservations’ information, you can develop comprehensive guest profiles and demonstrate that your property is in touch with your guests.
  • Call center - This allows you to manage customers’ incident reporting and general inquiries from a single point. Our Help Desk system efficiently registers and manages all reported incidents. You can monitor, handle escalations and view historical details.
  • Menu engineering - This allows you to analyse the relative sales/profit earning potential of individual items on a menu so that you can focus on actual profit returned from a menu, rather than the usual approach of focusing on percentage cost of menu items.
  • Payment processing - Our Touch POS system is integrated with a centralised and individualised payment station. It supports multiple currency and different types of payment modes, inclusive of charging to member account and hotel room after online verification. Each payment station can be set to impose individualised restrictions and conditions.
  • Touch Point of Sale (POS) - This system is designed to cater for all types of food and beverage facilities. Whatever your business requirements, TouchPOS can be configured to meet your needs, and supports touch screen capability or PLU or keyboarding mapping, and sophisticated kitchen printing requirements.
  • Fast and easy - TouchPOS is easy to set up and install. More importantly, it is easy to learn to use. “One Screen Design Concept” was implemented to give users optimum operational speed, without the need to flip from screen to screen.
  • Muti taxation capability - Tax computation is automated with TouchPOS, with multiple level tax calculation. Each sales item can have a different tax rate. Selling price can either include or exclude tax. Whether it is VAT or GST, TouchPOS will be able to handle the tax calculations.
  • Multiple settlement types - TouchPOS can handle multiple payment modes such as Cash, Credit Card, Corporate Account, or Staff Account. It will perform an online verification before posting the transaction to the hotel room or club membership account. Guests can settle payment in any currency. The Shift Reports are able to record all payments made so the closing shift procedure is simplified.
  • Comprehensive security - TouchPOS has a security function that can be controlled by user level. For example, cashiers can be given permission to do normal cashiering functions and are restricted from giving discounts, check cancellations and change menu items and prices.

Club Management

Our integrated club and golf management module provides you with features to efficiently manage your club operations. It complements your employees’ skillsets, dedication and team work to ensure that you are able to deliver the highest possible service level. The features include:

  • Membership recruitment automation
  • Versatile membership structure
  • Online membership verification
  • Caddies/buggies management
  • Membership monthly processing automation
  • Golf flight registration
  • USGA handicapping system
  • Member service kiosk
  • Golf tournament

Flexible and comprehensive modules

All modules are automatically integrated to form a comprehensive solution that complements guest services, operations, management decision making and reporting. This is easy on the financial investment and is a great way of safeguarding your software investment.

Success stories

These are some of the names that we have had the privilege of working with. There’s certainly more to come!