IFCA MSC Berhad | 12 Dec 2017

IFCA To Recruit Next-Generation Prop-tech Companies For Malaysia’s First Prop-Tech Accelerator Programme powered by Google Cloud's Technology

Petaling Jaya – Leading property industry integrated solution provider, IFCA MSC Berhad (IFCAMSC:KLS) has launched its flagship RM 10 million accelerator programme called IFCA Accelerator Programme. Recognising the potential of Prop-tech in transforming the real estate industry, the IFCA Accelerator Programme is a collaboration with Google Cloud which aims to nurture and develop local Prop-tech companies by providing fundraising, business networking and mentorship.

In its first stage, the IFCA Accelerator Programme will identify 10 companies within the Prop-tech space and nurture them to achieve global scale. The shortlisted companies will be able to work with IFCA MSC’s experts to fine-tune their solutions and develop new Prop-tech solutions that will disrupt the real-estate industry. They are also invited to participate in the Google Cloud Platform Start-up Programme and have the opportunity to pitch their innovation to venture capitalists and investors during a ‘Demo Day’.

Commenting on the launch of IFCA Accelerator Programme, IFCA MSC Berhad CEO, Michael Cho, explained, “Prop-tech will redefine the real-estate industry and we are ready to lead the way. That’s why we are actively embracing opportunities to work with start-ups in developing new solutions and business ideas to reinvent the entire property industry; from construction, to property development and property management.”

Recognising the importance to grow and scale in tandem with the market and clients’ ever-changing needs, IFCA is looking to take a stake in companies joining the IFCA Accelerator Programme. “IFCA MSC aims to foster innovation and growth of Prop-tech in Malaysia, and to identify new ideas that we can integrate. With a strong cash reserve standing at RM 69.6 million as at June 2017, we are ready to invest in strategic Prop-tech technologies that could integrate and scale with IFCA MSC’s business and solutions. All these will translate into creating new values for our clients and the industry in the long run,” Cho said.

“We support IFCA on this initiative making our Google Cloud services available to them and start-ups in this programme. The benefits of running on Google Cloud makes us particularly interesting for start-ups and Prop-tech companies; we are putting the best technology in the hands of other companies so they can build and scale. We are investing in the Malaysian market through these types of initiatives, and we want to be a long-term partner and this is an example of our commitment, not just for Cloud but for Google,” said Google Cloud Head of Southeast Asia, Tim Synan.

In addition to funding opportunities, companies would also enjoy the opportunity to utilise co-working spaces at IFCA MSC Berhad offices in Petaling Jaya, Penang, Johor Bahru and Kuching. Companies joining the IFCA Accelerator Programme will also gain access to IFCA MSC’s network in the property industry, and coaching from digital leaders from Google Cloud.

“For Prop-tech to thrive in Malaysia, we need to create a competitive ecosystem. The IFCA Accelerator Programme not only allows exceptional Prop-tech companies to receive the right resources to grow further, but, it facilitates collaborative partnerships that forms the foundation for innovation and a thriving Prop-tech ecosystem,” Cho concluded.

Interested start-ups can submit their pitch-in decks before December 31, 2017 for the first round through Shortlisted entries will have the opportunity to pitch their business case in a 30-minute presentation which will be evaluated by IFCA Accelerator Programme core team members comprising IFCA MSC Berhad, Chairman and Founder, Ken Yong; and CEO, Michael Cho.

For more information regarding the IFCA Accelerator Programme, please contact IFCA through e-mail or call 03-7805 3838.

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