IFCA MSC embarks on a transformational programme | 26 Oct 2017

IFCA MSC Berhad is embarking on a transformational programme known as ‘IFCA 2.0’, which aims to strengthen positive growth rates for the next few years. The programme outlines the fundamental growth pillars to solidify IFCA’s leading position as an innovative and dynamic property solutions provider.

In order to achieve this, the company will be taking a step further in the digital side by delivering solutions that adds value to its customers and enable them to be more competitive. The company will also be expanding its prop-tech offerings to help customers in the property sector accelerate their digital and mobile technology adoptions to boost sales and business performance.

Apart from that, IFCA MSC Berhad plans to introduce new practices that are beneficial to the property industry, which includes its accelerator programme that is specifically designed for the Malaysian property market, and aims to spur digital innovation for prop-tech companies.

Meanwhile, the IFCA 2.0 roadshow that was held at the Sime Darby Convention Centre shined a spotlight on a number of changes that the property market is facing. Brought together with Google Cloud, property companies had the opportunity to understand the challenging status quo in the market and how property solutions are able to impact property development and building management.

The nationwide roadshow attracted over 150 companies from the property industry and addressed several apprehensions. Some of the top concerns include how conventional marketing no longer applies to the current property market trends and how to adapt with disruptive technology, and the challenges that prop-tech companies now have to face.