For Contractors

Are these your current challenges?

  • I want to maximise returns on assets.
  • I need to minimise risks.
  • I aim to succeed in the midst of increasing competition.

P365C+ can address these concerns!

Enhancing work-flow efficiencies for construction companies

P365C+ is an industry-specific software that incorporates extensive depth and width of functionalities. The fully-integrated solution features the industry’s best practice as it has been continuously enhanced since its inception in 1992. Supervisors will have the daily visibility into production needed to make course corrections while they can still change the outcome.

Key Features/

  • Cash-flow planning based on work plans and activities
  • Project accounting – baseline or revised project budget
  • Project analysis – committed cost, actual spent and balance to spend
  • Comprehensive contract administration – progress claims, retention sum, variation orders, purchase on behalf and back charges
  • Business intelligence and reporting system

How P365C+ can help your business?

Run your business in a more organised and efficient way

Manage all aspects of your construction business with P365C+. It is an integrated construction estimating, accounting, labour management and project management software that will help your firm drastically increase project efficiency and accountability by streamlining and mobilising project communication and documentation.

Lower production costs, increase productivity and realise greater profitability

P365C+ will help you manage:

  • Cashflow planning based on plans and activities
  • Project accounting to keep track of actual spend vs budget
  • Work flow, bidding, project scheduling, material monitoring, day work and claims within a central dashboard that showcases a quick snapshot of all projects

One-time data entry

Competing now and for the future means that construction firms must increase efficiencies while maintaining margins, quality and safety. With P365C+, you only enter data once while eliminating inaccuracies and inefficiencies of paper-based processes.

Search made easy

Search online and drilldown into details with just a single click.

Business intel for multiple companies and projects

With P365C+, you can churn reports easily and quickly study the data across multiple companies, projects and even currency.

GST compliance

Rely on P365C+ to ensure compliance. Our software has numerous GST-related features including generation of GST tax listing reports, input and output tax management, tax apportionment and export of GAF files.

Management app: Run your business anytime, anywhere – on any device

Adopt mobile solutions to empower your team with real-time analytics, reports and company data. With the P365 C+ management app, decision makers can track projects’ performance, sales performance by company and project, billing and collection analysis, cashflow analysis, total units sold, cancellation ratio, and many more. You can even configure management dashboards for each key staff so that they can have the answers they need on demand.

Why P365C+?

  • Track and measure contractor and project performance and avoid contract leakages
  • Meet regulatory and policy compliance measures
  • Tight integration eliminates duplicate data entry and human errors
  • GST compliance – output tax and input tax management for sub-contractor claims
  • Reduce cost through operational efficiency and centralised purchasing
  • Meet standards and regulatory compliance
  • Improve financial and operational performance